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Paste is Twilio’s design system and supports the work of building accessible, consistent, and high quality customer experiences.

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Past work

Twilio Studio

Studio is a visual, drag & drop, interface to Twilio’s APIs. With it, you can quickly prototype and even productionize communications in a low-code way.

Links, talks, and related writing

Archive content


Vouch was a lending startup that hypothesized an alternate solution for credit-worthiness.


piq is a hardware headless jukebox for social spaces. It was a Kickstarter project in 2013 that failed to hit its funding goal, but was a valuable design exercise.

This site is being built, in an act of extreme dogfooding, with

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. It also uses
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, which is nice. It was mostly possible due to
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, who patiently handled my 101 Qs.

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Black Lives Matter.

No human is illegal.

Sex worker rights are labor rights.

Our liberation is bound together.