I’m Aayush Iyer. I work on building better products through design, and better design through systems.


Recent Writing

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Design at Twilio

I joined Twilio in 2017 as their third Product Designer. Today, I manage the Design Systems team, and am part of UX Leadership. My focus at Twilio has been on resilient UI design & engineering, and widening the spectrum of who gets to build and communicate with technology.

Other work

The 17 years since my first job as a journalist have shaped my approach towards building things. Along the way I’ve built hardware jukeboxes, award-winning digital campaigns, and a whole host of really terrible software - somehow, they all informed where I got to and where I’m going.

This site is being built, in an act of extreme dogfooding, with Paste. It also uses Next.js, which is nice. It was mostly possible due to Simon Taggart, who patiently handled my 101 Qs.

Black Lives Matter.

No man is illegal.

Sex worker rights are labor rights.

Our liberation is bound together.