I’m Aayush Iyer. I work on building better products.

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Writing and Speaking

How we built a unified, inclusive design system to nurture Twilio’s UX

I talked about the foundation and operation of Twilio Paste and its impact on Twilio at SIGNAL, 2021.

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Growing Pains: How We Scaled Our Design System Support

I talk about the challenges of a growing platform (in this case, Twilio Paste) and ways to grow support around it.

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Stuff I’ve built


Product & People at Algolia

I lead product, design, research, and engineering teams at Algolia. Also, we’re hiring(link takes you to an external page)

UX at Twilio

I founded the design systems practice at Twilio and grew a team from an ad-hoc, unsystemized front-end environment to a fully funded, staffed, and roadmapped discipline. Over time, this scope evolved to the entire spectrum of UX Infrastructure including content writing, visual design, and design operations and focused on alignment of design, engineering, and product to create great customer experiences.

My outputs were both tactical and cultural: setting product teams up for quick wins by providing resilient, performant UI, uplevelling the scale at which product design is delivered to an organization, and focusing on customer inclusion and happiness through inclusive design, UX engineering, content writing, and more.

Other work

The 17 years since my first job as a journalist have shaped my approach towards building things. Along the way I’ve built hardware jukeboxes, award-winning digital campaigns, and a whole host of really terrible software - somehow, they all informed where I got to and where I’m going.

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