I’m Aayush Iyer. I work on building better products through design, and better design through systems.

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Recent Writing

Growing Pains: How We Scaled Our Design System Support


Design at Twilio

I joined Twilio in 2017 as their third Product Designer. Today, I manage the Design Systems team, and am part of UX Leadership. My focus at Twilio has been on resilient UI design & engineering, and widening the spectrum of who gets to build and communicate with technology.

Other work

The 17 years since my first job as a journalist have shaped my approach towards building things. Along the way I’ve built hardware jukeboxes, award-winning digital campaigns, and a whole host of really terrible software - somehow, they all informed where I got to and where I’m going.

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Black Lives Matter.

No man is illegal.

Sex worker rights are labor rights.

Our liberation is bound together.